Epoxy has come a long way since Nikolai Prilezhaev, Russian organic chemist, first discovered Prilezhaev epoxidation more than 100 years ago. We wonder what he may say about the industry’s growth, when Castan and Greenlee made their first epoxy resin, the Diglycidyl ether of Bisphenol A, and how this one-chemical molecule spun off and became the multibillion-dollar industry it is today.

We believe these pioneers of chemistry would fervently support Dimension Technology Chemical Systems, Inc. (DTCS), in taking their technology to even greater heights. Founded in 1996 by multi-patented chemist and current R & D Director Renato Rindone, DTCS has become part of this chemical history with our own unique proprietary line of Hycat™ Catalysts for the epoxy industry. Because of Hycat™ Catalysts, chemical processing that could not be done before is now possible.

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