Renato R. Rindone

Founder / R&D Director

Dimension Technology Chemical Systems, Inc., (DTCS), Founder (1996), President and Director of Research and Development

Successful history of chemical process Research and Development and Hycat™ Catalyst brand development for the epoxy chemical industry.

Leading advocate of Total Quality Management (TQM) for implementation of continuous product improvement and pledged customer satisfaction.

Publication and patents in multiple chemical disciplines.


General Manager

Craig joined Dimension Technology Chemical Systems, Inc., in 2007 as Vice President of New Business Development and was quickly promoted to General Manager in 2008. Craig earned his degree in Applied Mathematics from the University of California Davis and has over 30 years of management and sales experience. In addition to managing daily operations, Craig has overseen numerous R&D projects, provided stewardship of the Hycat™ product line and personally developed new products for DTCS including Hycat™ 3100S, Hycat™ AC-4 and Hycat™ XP-1. Craig’s commitment to a philosophy of continuous process improvement has been the driving force behind new product development, sustained sales growth and a very high level of customer satisfaction.

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